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31. #EveryoneCanContribute cafe: Machine Learning for Software Developers (...and Knitters)

Recording Enjoy the session! 🦊 Tip: Join AWS Summit 2021 EMEA on June 9-10, 2021. Highlights Kris Howard from AWS joined us with Machine Learning and Knitting (Michael convinced her giving the talk, after meeting at AWS meetup Nuremberg 2 weeks ago ;)). Slides: Machine Learning for Software Developers (…and Knitters) Get training data Label training data Train ML model Deploy ML model Build web frontend for inference We went into a live demo with Sagemaker to dive into Rekognition Custom Labels as successor. Read More…

Date published: May 26, 2021

30. #EveryoneCanContribute cafe: Kubernetes Monitoring with Prometheus

Recording Enjoy the session! 🦊 Highlights Niclas walks us through the Prometheus Operator quick start, deploying on the Kubernetes cluster we provisioned with the GitLab Kubernetes Agent thanks to Philip. Prometheus is up and running, deployed with the agent. The next step is to inspect Grafana and find nice default dashboards for the metrics. We tried to use Service Discovery with finding the agent /metrics and debugged permissions. Insights Kubernetes Operator Quickstart GitLab Kubernetes Agent Repository /metrics endpoint analysis Twitter thread Prometheus Learning Resources Trainings by PromLabs 100 Days of Kubernetes by Anaïs Urlichs Robust Perception Blog Prometheus: Up and Running book

Date published: May 19, 2021

29. #EveryoneCanContribute​ cafe: Operational Verification with Puppet

Recording Enjoy the session! 🦊 Highlights David started with defining the terms of validation and verification, and then stepped into examples of idempotent deployments with Puppet, and how to verify that the deployed catalog actually works. Additional health checks and detecting wrong port mappings. Monitoring shifting left in Infrastructure as Code? We discussed the future of acceptance testing, and deployment testing - operational verification. Special: 1 year #EveryoneCanContribute cafe: https://twitter.com/tonka_2000/status/1392530105373704194 Read More…

Date published: May 12, 2021

28. #EveryoneCanContribute cafe: KubeCon EU and GitLab Kubernetes Agent

We started with a recap of KubeCon EU day 1 and continued with the GitLab Kubernetes Agent, following up from last week together with Niclas and Michael. Recording Enjoy the session and KubeCon EU this week! 🦊 Highlights KubeCon EU Schedule dnsmichi’s schedule Communication on releases and deprecations with Kat Cosgrove and Ian Coldwater GitLab Commit at KubeCon: Playlist Viktor Nagy on GitOps Philip’s Kubernetes Agent documentation MR Fixes and plans for the agent from Mikhail GitLab Kubernetes Agent Documentation Kubewarden We’ll continue in future sessions :) Read More…

Date published: May 5, 2021

27. #everyonecancontribute cafe: GitLab Kubernetes Agent and GitOps

Philip walks us through the new GitLab Kubernetes Agent together with Niclas and Nico. Recording Enjoy the session! 🦊 Highlights GitLab Kubernetes Agent Documentation 3 ways to approach GitOps Generate an auth token for the agent, needs GraphQL Create a local k8s cluster with kind: kind create cluster or kind create cluster --config CONFIG.yaml Create a service account and cluster role bindings Agent pulls changes Learn more about Project Manifest synchronization Define the Podtato head demo repository and deploy the app, Learned to create multiple repositories - k8s-agent, and the application repository. Read More…

Date published: April 28, 2021

26. #everyonecancontribute cafe: Automate Kubernetes deployment with Terraform and GitLab CI/CD, iteration 2

Highlights We are learning how to deploy and secure Kubernetes into Hetzner cloud in this series: cafe: Provisioned the server and agent VMs with Terraform and Ansible in the first session with Max. cafe: Deployed k3s as Kubernetes distribution with Max. cafe: Learned about pods and the Hetzner load balancer with Max. cafe: Ingress controller for load balancer cost savings with Max. cafe: Get to know Kubernetes user authentication and authorization with RBAC with Niclas Mietz. Read More…

Date published: April 21, 2021