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54. #EveryoneCanContribute Cafe: Pixie for Kubernetes Observability

Insights Michael Friedrich, Niclas Mietz, and Sven Patrick Meier discussed getting started with Pixie and Observability. Resources Install Pixie You also need to have an Account on https://work.withpixie.ai to connect your Cluster to Pixie. Pixie Scripts Pixie Language (PxL) is a domain-specific language (DSL) for working with machine data and uses a Python dialect. Pixie Dashboard Grafana Datasource Integration For connecting to your Pixie API, you need to create an API Key first: https://docs. Read More…

Date published: September 13, 2022

53. #EveryoneCanContribute Cafe: WebAssembly with AssemblyScript, first try in Gitpod

Insights Michael F., Michael A. and Ryan Perry discussed getting started with WebAssembly. After researching a bit, we started a new project based on the AssemblyScript introduction, wondering how things are installed with npm and WebAssembly. After a while, we figured to follow the AssemblyScript: Setting up a new project guide which also populates the package.json scripts section. After we modified the index.html body with the add() demo example, and successfully ran the website preview inside GitPod, we continue to explore. Read More…

Date published: July 12, 2022

52. #EveryoneCanContribute Cafe: Learned at KubeCon EU, feat. Cilium Tetragon first try

Insights Michael F., Niclas and Michael A. talked about the KubeCon EU summary in the opsindev.news June issue and looked into the various KubeCon EU YouTube playlists: KubeCon EU eBPF day SecurityCon WASM day GitOpsCon At first, Michael shared the insights from eBPF day, and highlighted Tetragon now being open source. Niclas mentioned that they use Cilium in production. Isovalent open-sourced Tetragon as a new Cilium component that enables real-time, eBPF security observability and runtime enforcement. Read More…

Date published: June 14, 2022

51. #EveryoneCanContribute Cafe: First look: Chainguard Enforce with Carlos Panato

Carlos Panato started with a short introduction into Software Supply Chain Security and which problem Chainguard aims to solve. The demo follows a great story line on deploying a container image with GitLab CI/CD, verify the image manually, showing Chainguard on the CLI to pull image policies, create custom policies, observe and enforce, sign using cosign inside CI/CD. The following discussion touched topic such as SBOM, key signing, and also cluster runtime security with eBPF. Read More…

Date published: May 10, 2022

50. #EveryoneCanContribute Cafe: First look: Dagger with Niclas Mietz

Niclas Mietz started with an introduction to Dagger and a Hello World example with CUE. We’ve discussed Dagger actions, packages and the interaction with buildkitd to run actions in containers, first impressions, ideas to contribute and future potential. Niclas also did a live demo with a GitLab project deployed to Netlify with Dagger, using CI/CD. Insights We’ve learned about: Dagger Run Dagger actions in containers Describe actions in CUE lang Action steps come as packages, example Buildkitd is required as daemon, any container compatible runtime Many actions and CI/CD integrations are work in progress, e. Read More…

Date published: April 12, 2022