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13. Cafe: Auto-scaling GitLab runners in Hetzner Cloud

Highlights When Patricia tweeted on a Monday about compiling Chromium and asked for self-hosting and cloud environments, we quickly jumped into trying it out on Wednesday with GitLab and auto-scaling the Runners in Hetzner Cloud. Niclas Mietz on the keyboard, Max Rosin stepping through his great blog post. Documentation Blog post from Max Rosin CI autoscaling research docker-machine direction in GitLab Hetzner Cloud curated lists Workaround for Docker problem. runners.machine - MachineOptions Read More…

Date published: January 20, 2021

29. Kaeffchen: Newsletters, HashiCorp CDK for Terraform, Service Meshes

Highlights We’ve looked into Hashicorp’s CDK for Terraform announcement, newsletters to follow and service meshes. Recording Enjoy the session!

Date published: January 20, 2021

12. Cafe: GitLab CI/CD & C++ ABI checks

Highlights We started from this tweet asking about C++ ABI compatibility support in GitLab MRs. The discussion included some theoretical algorithm with a caching state machine inside the CI/CD pipeline. Michael Aigner prepared the C++ project and we implemented the solution together in the session. Dynamic CI/CD pipeline generation was also touched, and the for loop to generate parent/child pipelines in GitLab CI/CD. Recording Enjoy the session! 🦊

Date published: January 13, 2021

28. Kaeffchen: Gutes Neues!

Highlights Welcome back, Mario :) Recording Enjoy the session!

Date published: January 13, 2021

11. Cafe: 5 min prod app with Vue & GitLab CI template insights

Highlights Michael provided development insights into the 5 min production app and the live demo with VueJS he was working on at AWS re:invent (Tweet thread). We’ve also discussed CI/CD templates with GitLab and found valuable resources: Includes Built-in templates Blog: 3 YAML tips for better pipelines Security Webcast CI configuration Test includes with the same job name Anchors and extends example Recording Enjoy the session! 🦊

Date published: December 16, 2020

Boost your productivity with raycast

Raycast is a productivity tool. It works very similar as Spotlight on MacOS, but on steroids. For a live demo, checkout the 10. Cafe recording. Here is a short quote from the Raycast presskit about their vision: Raycast is an app that provides developers with quick access to their tools. The app reduces the continuous context switching that millions of developers face every day with a command line inspired interface. Read More…

Date published: December 10, 2020