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3. Cafe: Learning Rust with Gitpod and GitLab Workshop


Following our last week’s Gitpod adventure, I decided to create a new light-weight workshop around Gitpod and GitLab. Once settled in with an example project in Java, we took course into learning Rust from scratch.

Gitpod IDE, GitLab and Rust

During the extended session - we wanted to fix the module import no matter the time - it became clear that Rust has many good things we know from Python (import modules and aliases), C++, Golang, and more.

We only touched the surface thus far with covering values, types, conditions, functions, modules - and some more string magic. There is a whole lot more to unpack, especially considered the GitLab CI/CD side in our next sessions!

Start your Gitpod journey by following the Workshop Slides :-)


Enjoy the session and let us know how your Rust journey with Gitpod goes! 🦊



Date published: October 7, 2020

Tags: Gitlab, Gitpod, Rust, Development, Ide, Learn