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32. #EveryoneCanContribute cafe: Continuous Profiling with Polar Signals

Continuous Profiling - Measure and understand performance over time.


Enjoy the session with Frederic Branczyk and Matthias Loibl! 🦊


  • Continuous Profiling defining 4 pillars of Observability: Metrics, Traces, Logs, Profiles
  • Open standard: pprof
  • Polar Signals use Prometheus Service Discovery capabilities. Or push the data every X seconds.
  • Query language similar to PromQL.
  • Share views as a public URL, e.g. in PR/MRs for team collaboration.
  • Merge queries and reports to see which code change impacted the performance
  • Push metric samples to Thanos, and keep pprof profiles. How to present this over time? (to be solved)
  • Idea from Andrew: OpenTelemetry?
  • Automated profiling as an idea, follow Polar Signals on Twitter for updates.
  • Optimize for debug symbols - try to only upload once, and link them.
  • Recommendation engine: “Save time with adding this code change”.


Date published: June 2, 2021

Tags: Monitoring, Profiling, Observability