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49. #EveryoneCanContribute Cafe: Aqua Security and Open Source with Anaïs Urlichs

Anaïs Urlichs did a deep dive into the OSS tools from Aqua Security: Trivy, tfsec, Starboard, Tracee and more. We have discussed usage scenarios, custom policies, the integration touch points between the tools, and how to contribute. Insights We’ve learned about: Overview of Aqua Security OSS projects Trivy Container and IaC security scanning Getting started Differences to tfsec Custom policies Trivy exporter for Prometheus Starboard Vulnerability scanning in Kubernetes clusters Custom policies for Trivy Starboard operator, with Prometheus metrics Starboard integrations: Polaris, Conftest Aqua Enterprise insights into runtime protection Tracee Runtime security and forensics using eBPF - story of tracee Differences to Falco discussion How to contribute: Join Slack and explore the projects Q&A: Starboard reports dashboard, alerting, OOTB support in Aqua Enterprise, open-sourcing the tools to keep the pace of development, and reduce server load. Read More…

Date published: March 8, 2022

48. #EveryoneCanContribute cafe: Blockchain and web3 with Niclas Mietz

Niclas Mietz explained Blockchain from the fundamentals to deploying a program on Solana as an example. We’ve discussed Ethereum, web3 principles and more ideas about blockchain development, CI/CD, Ops (storage, backup, observability). Insights We’ve learned about: Identities, smart contracts, proof of work vs. proof of stake Blockchain getting started - Solana on localhost, quickstart works also with Gitpod Deploy a program, following the resources on awesome-solana Develop own programs in Rust, C++, etc. Read More…

Date published: February 8, 2022

47. #EveryoneCanContribute cafe: Observability, quo vadis

Michael Friedrich and Niclas Mietz started with a presentation about how Observability evolved and where we are heading with metrics, traces, logs, OpenTelemetry and CI/CD Observability. Insights We’ve learned about Metrics, traces, logs Profiling as 4th pillar Tracing history, and OpenTelemtry Use cases with CI/CD Observability and Quality Gates Where to start with instrumenting apps and applying workflows News The next meetup is about Blockchain and web3 in February 2022. We usually meet on the second Tuesday at 9am PT. Read More…

Date published: January 19, 2022

46. #EveryoneCanContribute cafe: Learned this year: Raycast and Opstrace acquired by GitLab

Community members shared insights and learnings this year. Michael Aigner went above and beyond to show use how to develop a new extension for Raycast, a productivity app. At the end, Seb and Mat from Opstrace made a surprise join and shared the exciting news that Opstrace is acquired by GitLab today. 🎉 Insights We’ve learned about Raycast Starting extension develop Implement an extension to search the RSS feed for a website News The next meetup is about Observability, quo vadis in January 2022. Read More…

Date published: December 14, 2021

45. #EveryoneCanContribute cafe: Load Performance Testing with k6

Nicole van der Hoeven and Floor Drees from k6 provided a demo deep-dive, going straight into Pikachu load testing. From extending and integrating k6, we heard more feature announcements hot off the press after Grafana’s ObservabilityCon. Insights We’ve learned about k6 and its extensions ecosystem: Add Chaos to your Kubernetes cluster k6 cloud as a datasource for Grafana Prometheus remote writes into Grafana Cloud or any other Prometheus instance with k6 extensions Web browser testing k6 Kubernetes Operator k6 Office Hours: How GitLab uses k6 with Grant Young Ideas Read More…

Date published: November 23, 2021

44. #EveryoneCanContribute cafe: SLO Management with Prometheus: Pyrra, Nobl9, OpenSLO

Nadine Vehling and Matthias Loibl provided an introduction to Pyrra for SLO management, followed by the Nobl9 folks diving into Prometheus SLO integrations into their SLO platform. We’ve then continued discussing OpenSLO and how to learn and contribute. Recording Enjoy the session! 🦊 Insights Pyrra Website Demo Docker-compose demo Nobl9 Website OpenSLO Beginner with SLO? Learning resources 💡 SLOConf YouTube playlist Implementing Service Level Objectives book Sloth SLOs with Quality Gates in CI/CD with Keptn Twitter thread

Date published: September 8, 2021